Success stories

"I was going through a very stressful time dealing with a financial dispute, though I am a healing practitioner and coach myself I just could not seem to help myself. I was so frustrated and angry and did not know what else to do. I reached out to Sarah for some relief knowing that her warm and gentle nature was what I needed. She listened patiently and helped me to detach from the situation and all the emotions and that helped me to gain a broader perspective. She really helped me to shift out of my anger to focus more on the outcome that I desired I was able to calm down and come to a place of surrender, to a knowing as long I did my best and did what I needed to do that I could let it go.  I no longer had to be held hostage by emotions or someone else’s action. It was great reminder that power is always in my hand.  And I still go back to the tools she shared with me when I am feeling overwhelmed by things I cannot control. I came away from the session with a knowing that no matter what happens it’s all good." Guerda Victor, Boston, MA, Wholisitic Health Practitioner, Transformational Coach, Journey Dance Teacher and Yoga Instructor.


Business owner, Allan said: "The tapping you did for me, fixed me 👍🏿I feel completely at peace with what happened all those years ago, you told me I'm not the same person I was then, I tell my self that when I think about it, thank yo so much." Allan reported that there was such a dramatic shift in him that he then married the mother of his children who he had been living with for over 20 years and their business is now thriving.


"I went to Sarah for help with my addiction to chocolate which was getting me down, making me hate myself, especially since I am usually so self disciplined. I had such a huge sense of relief when I realised through Sarah's skilled coaching that my uncontrollable urges were ways I was trying to soothe myself from the extreme anxiety and stress I was going through. We dealt with those painful family issues and Sarah helped me to find compassion for myself and put in place alternative tools to use when any future urges arose. I came out feeling like I had control of my life again, could manage the challenges in my family and my relationship with my husband dramatically improved. Thank you Sarah." Caroline, Property manager, London.


Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to put something in words to testify how appreciative I am for your time and commitment to helping me in my time of need. You have been truly amazing both with compassion and patience but even more so with your support and dedication to helping others. Please feel free to use this testimony as you feel necessary.

“I approached Sarah for help when I was in crisis as my PTSD was triggered by the breakdown of a relationship and I was unable to get the support I needed from OH.

The goals I set for the EFT sessions were to find peace and contentment in life by stopping being negative and to feel secure in relationships by no longer fearing rejection. I also wanted to feel I had more control over my emotions, more resilience and to be more driven like I used to be.

I had many shifts and insights throughout the sessions and am now feeling not just content but optimistic and motivated. When I feel negative emotions rising up, which happens less frequently now, I tap and nip them in the bud and am no longer taken down a negative spiral. I have even started breaking the cycle of feeling rejected, as proved recently on Father’s Day when I made a conscious decision to have a great day no matter what, which turned the day around to be more amazing than I could have dreamed. I feel much more empowered and in control of my life, knowing now that I can change anything I want to. This is a huge transformation and would not have been possible had it not been for the dedication, support and compassion shown by Sarah throughout.”

Kind regards,